Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless

This amateur weather station is a result of the cooperation of two men who had not previously met.We met through a mutual interest in "Hellas Weather ", a Greek Weather Internet List on February of 2005.Yannis was on a long business trip in Salerno to Southewestern Italy and Fotis in Kalamata where he lives.The opportunity arose for us to meet during the Easter of 2005. We concluded that there was no weather station in the town except for that of the Hellenic National Service at Kalamata airport which is situated 7km north west of Kalamata itself.So, we decided to buy and install an amateur weather station.And we did it!

Change of connection from ISDN to ADSL

The Installation is completed !!!Fotis is on the left, Yannis on the right and the station in the midlle.


We decided to install the weather station at Fotis's house in Kalamata in the Kipoupoli region, which though situated in the heart of Kalamata, is still something of a nature area ( but for how much longer? ).We knew this would be a big project to undertake, but it was something that we both had a keen interest in. Far from simply making weather predictions,  the station would aim to record important meteorological information .So, Yannis Karamitsos undertook the search for purchase of the equipment due to the fact he lives and works in Athens and the scope for choice being much greater. Here, he also made contact with members of Hellas Weather lists who offered advice and suggestions based on their extensive knowledge. Our thanks to them for all their help. Fotis Papadimitriou undertook the technical part of the interface between the station and internet. First step was switching of the internet access by changing from ISDN to ADSL 384/128 with OTENET as ISP in order to have a frequent update of weather data. Later, we purchased three web cameras in order to provide a variety of shots around Kalamata and the region. Two, with a basically northern view and an eastern one with the Taygetos mountains in the background. A further one aims south west of the town. .

Next, the actual weather station was ordered from the USA ( beginning of June 2005 ). It took some days for the delivery to Athens and then the transfer to Kalamata but gave the opportunity for Yannis to take a vacation in Kalamata and check all details of the installation. So, on Saturday 19th July, we finally realized our dream!

General View

The one web cam, working!Aiming the east(Mountain Kalathi, part of Taygetos) .


THe PC with the voltage regulator and UPS .

The console of the weather Station, Davis vantage Pro2

View from a bit far...



In our future plans is the installation of a second weather station * in the Taygetos Mountain on the national road from Kalamata to Sparti at an altitude of 1300m(4300ft), an area with a big meteorogical interest but also a road with many difficulties, especially in winter because it has to cross the highTaygetos Mnt. We also aim to buy an IP camera in order to have a remote access and the sending of weather pictures from the horizon of the town.

But we need some time for these!!!

Yannis Karamitsos / Fotis Papadimitriou

* Actually we installed the second wireless weather station in the Taygetos Mountain in a very beautifull place where there is a nice Hotel and Cafe-Restaurant , called "Touristiko" and has worked since the 3rd of January of 2006 .We also bought a wireless camera in order to have live picture .But, the big problem we met was the very bad condition of telecommunications in the mountains.So, we can't have live update for the time being, only manual and of course, only when we actually go there (34km from the town of Kalamata).We are working on this and I think that we'll solve the problem.At least there are the log files produced by the station software and we can keep the previous data in order to record the past weather events and preserve the statistics!

**Now we feel happy to announce that the problem seems to be fixed and the station sends its data every 3 hours from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and from the coming autumn and on we hope it sends every 2 hours.Weather camera is also going to be re-installed.

The first wirelless weather Station in the town of kalamata till now!


Weather Station: Wireless Davis Vantage Pro2

Software of the station: WeatherLink 5.5.7(updated when updates are available from Davis)

Web cameres: Logitech QuickCam

Web cam software: Active webcam

Internet Connection: OTEnet ADSL 384/128 over ISDN

PC: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz , 512 RAM με Windows XP SP2 Pro En